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    • Solar-wind hybrid energy system for new engineering complex- technical university of Mombasa 

      Michael Saulo, Austin Wasonga, Victor Odhiambo (International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 2014)
      A hybrid energy system combines multiple types of energy generation in order to meet the demand of the users effectively and efficiently. The Solar-Wind hybrid system consists of electrical energy generated from wind and ...
    • Strategic PMU placement for stability enhancement 

      Saulo, M.J, V. Siyoi, S. Kariuki (International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 2014)
      This paper explored a novel method for strategic monitoring of a power system to schematically monitor power system variables that are sensitive to transients. The characteristics of a fully developed transient or power ...
    • Thermal analysis of a CSP-Biogas hybrid power plant 

      Michael Juma Saulo, S. Kariuki, V. Siyoi, L. Mogaka, J. Maroko (International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 2014)
      As the energy costs continue to rise steadily, researchers are looking for alternative sources of energy to meet the rising demand for sustainable energy. Finding an inexpensive and reliable energy generation technology ...